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Commercial Landscape Design in Scottsdale, AZ

Metropolitan Green, LLC can create your commercial landscape design in Scottsdale, AZ or surrounding areas.

If you're unhappy with the way your company's landscape looks, we can draw up a renovation plan for you. We'll listen to your ideas, make use of aerial imagery and take on-site photographs to develop your commercial landscape design plan.

We can design a landscape construction plan for you, as well. We work with architects, engineers and contractors to create detailed landscape plans for construction projects.

Arrange for commercial landscape design services now by calling 480-560-8932. We'll design a landscape that you'll love for years to come.

5 benefits of commercial landscape design

Metropolitan Green designs commercial landscape renovation and construction plans in Scottsdale, Arizona. Commercial landscape design results in landscapes that can:

  1. Improve your curb appeal
  2. Boost the value of your property
  3. Reduce your utility costs
  4. Offer more privacy
  5. Produce more oxygen, remove harmful airborne contaminants and capture runoff

Arrange for Metropolitan Green to design your commercial landscape renovation plan. We'll provide you with before and after perspectives so you can see what your finished landscape will look like.

Landscape Design Plans

This type of plan is perfect for a property or community that is planning renovation work on their private or common landscape areas and do not require going through city review processes. Plans are developed from aerials and on-site photographic observations to avoid expensive and timely land surveying from other parties. Plans focus on a 'spot treatment' approach to areas in need of renovation per the client's direction. Plans are in color to be more graphical for presentation needs.

New Construction Plans

This set of plans is a full service to develop landscape construction packages for all phases of design. I am hired as part of the design team to coordinate landscape improvements with architects, engineers, and other professional consultants, throughout the conceptual, preliminary and permit document process. As a registered landscape architect for Arizona, I have developed plans for most local municipalities in my 20 years of practice.

Site & Hardscape Amenities

Beyond the shrubs and trees of a property, are its constructed elements. These are strong assists to a property and they can be the most noticed parts of your landscape. These focal items like monument signs, water features and other hardscape amenities require periodic updating to maintain and increase their relevance and value to a maturing area.

Before & After Perspectives

These exhibits are produced in Adobe Photoshop by superimposing plant images over existing site photographs. This is a very popular product requested by clients for their use in explaining to others what the new landscapes will look like when they grow in. These conceptual images sell a project, moving them forward into further plans for installation use.