Enhance Your Property's Curb Appeal

Metropolitan Green completes residential landscape design projects in Scottsdale, AZ

Are you tired of the way your yard looks? We can help. Metropolitan Green, LLC offers residential landscape design services in Scottsdale, Arizona and surrounding areas.

Whether you want to install more hardscape features or give your garden area a facelift, we can design a landscape master plan to make it happen. We'll create sketches of your new yard so you can see exactly how your finished landscape will look.

Get in touch with us today to ask any questions you may have about our backyard landscape design services.

What kind of landscape design do you need?

Metropolitan Green completes front yard and backyard landscape design projects in the Scottsdale, AZ area. We can draft a residential landscape design for your entire landscape, to include your:

  • Gardens
  • Hardscapes
  • Pool area

If you need a detailed design drafted for your construction project, we can do that, too. Contact us right away to schedule residential landscape design services.

Residential Landscape Designs

A conceptual master plan is where it all starts! This product is a hand drafted plan to scale that incorporates all of your landscape desires in context to your properties individual amenities and challenges. These plans capture that big idea and solve those issues that have been preventing improvements to go forward in people's yards. For my clients, this is a joyful experience to finally have answers to their landscape hopes and dreams that they always knew were hidden in the yard.

Conceptual Hardscape Details

Typically as part of the landscape master plan are conceptual hardscape details. These architectural sketches express the desired landscape style to accent the home and it's complete property.

Planting Renovation Plans

Mature landscapes sometimes just need a little refreshing to look their very best! This product is a drafted plan (to scale) that is a ready for install by the do-it-yourself type or your chosen contractor. Starting with a site meeting, we will review all of your existing landscape to determine where updating needs to happen. A final plan set includes a demolition plan and planting plan showing sizes and quantities for all added materials. Irrigation and lighting plans can be included as needed.

Construction Plan Sets

After conceptual designs are developed, larger landscape projects can require a detailed and drafted set of plans. These construction drawings are needed in the planning processes of new homes for their review and permitting. This added detail also provides an added benefit for acquiring comparative bids from contractors as well as accurate and question free plans for installation to any size project.